Student Advising

To provide an environment of continuous academic advisory supports to student who requires it especially with respect to adapting into EWU academic programme, selecting a programme of study and determine the suitability of subject to be registered.

1. Each student is assigned an academic advisor at the beginning of the academic year who assists the student in defining educational goals to be reached; gives information regarding curricula, and graduate programs; and discusses personal problems the student may have, especially those related to the student's academic progress and plans for subsequent pursuits. Students are expected to schedule appointments with their advisors during pre-registration and at other times throughout the semester as needed.

2. It is the responsibility of the Academic Advisor to provide advisory support that ensure that the student will adapt well into his/her course of study, get the necessary advice with respect to programme of studies and other matters associated to it

Students must inform their advisors of any special needs or deficiencies, which might affect their academic performance, or selection of courses. Students are expected to know academic policies, procedures, and degree requirements, and must remain informed about their progress in meeting these requirements.
Students are encouraged to seek assistance as needed from the advisors and take advantage of student support services provided by the University.