Abstract of Published Papers 2008



Faculty of Business and Economics


International Journals


1. Water Productivity of Modern Variety of Paddy Production: Rice-prawn and Year-round Paddy Farming Systems in Bangladesh       


2. A Multivariate Model of Partitioned Country-of-Origin on Consumer Quality Perceptions      


3. A Multivariate Model of Micro Credit and Rural Women Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh        


4. Opinion of Fishermen Towards their Well-being under Agricultural Diversification and Intensification Program (ADIP) in Bangladesh


National Journals


5. Consumer Evaluation of Brand Extensions: An Assessment from Bangladesh  


6. Factors Affecting the Global Trend of Bank Services: Comment on Bangladesh


7. Challenges and Opportunities of Health Insurance Initiatives in Rural Bangladesh


8. An Analytical Study on Leadership Challenges for Human Service Administrators


9. Trade Fair and Business- to-Business Promotion: A Study on BATEXPO Visitors/Clients      


10. The Empirical Evidence of Fisher Effect in Bangladesh: A Time-Series Approach


Book Chapters


11. Stock Returns Volatility in an Emerging Market: Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange     


12. The Impact of Emergency Price Control Measures on Small Importers of Essential Commodities and Subsequent Long Term Affect on National Economy        


Working Papers


13. Export, Imports, Remittance and Growth in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis


Conference Papers


14. Communication Skill of the Business Executives of Local Private Business Concerns in Bangladesh


15. A Study on the Corporate Labor Market in Dhaka: Categorizing the Barriers Face by Women Executives 


16. Women Managers and Glass Ceiling in Dhaka: An Empirical Investigation     


17. Identify the Barriers to Quality Research at Business Schools of Bangladesh: Some Empirical Findings    


18. Women Entrepreneurs in Dhaka: Some Barriers to Success   


19. Gender and Small Business: Entrepreneurship Experiences from Women Entrepreneurs of Dhaka   


20. A Study on Service Quality of the Bangladesh Police 


21. Service Quality in Retail Banking of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh


22. Testing Random Walk Hypothesis for Dhaka Stock Exchange: An Empirical Examination     


Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


International Journals


23. Kee's World: Reflections of Evolving Identity


National Journals


24. Quest for Home in Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace


25. A Critique of Critical Discourse Analysis


26. Institutional Elitism: Critical Discourse Analysis of Private Educational Institutions


27. Critical Discourse Analysis and the Rational Faculty   


28. Teaching Speaking Skill at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation


Book Chapters


29. Decolonizing Space: Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, Tar Baby and Love  


30. Exclusion in Recruitment: Confronting Discrimination in Printed Vacancy Advertisements       


31. Discursive Construction of an Identity in Conflict: CDA Perspective 

Conference Papers


32. Promoting Collaboration in Mixed Ability EFL Classrooms at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh


Faculty of Sciences and Engineering


International Journals


33. Performance Evaluation of Rake Receiver of DS-CDMA under AWGN Environments  


34. Dynamic Channel Allocation in Mobile Cellular Networks


35. Gate Dielectric Scaling of Top Gate Carbon Nanoribbon on Insulator Transistors


36. Dielectric Scaling of a Top Gate Silicon Nanowire on Insulator Transistor    


37. Polarization Anisotropy of Spontaneous Emission Spectra in GaInAsP/InP Quantum-Wire Structures       


38. Robust Multichannel LMS-type Algorithms with Fast Decaying Transient for Blind identification of Acoustic Channels      


39. Noise Robust Multichannel Frequency-Domain LMS-type Algorithms for Blind Channel Identification        


40. Implementation of Space Time Block Code Using Base Station Repeater Diversity  


41. A Numerical Analysis of Plasma-particle Heat exchange during in-flight Treatment of Granulated Powders by Argon-oxygen Induction Thermal Plasmas  


42. Effects of Feed rate and Particle size on the in-flight melting Behavior of Granulated powders in induction Thermal Plasmas      


43. Application of In-Flight Melting Technology by RF Induction Thermal Plasmas to Glass Production


44. A Multi-phase AC arc Discharge and its Application in in-flight Thermal Treatment of raw Glass Powders 


45. Optimum Location of a Switching Station of an Urban Network       


46. Synthesis of Quaternary Reversible/Quantum Comparators   


47. A Recursive Method for Synthesizing Quantum/Reversible Quaternary Parallel Adder/Subtractor with Look-Ahead Carry  


48. Design of Reversible/Quantum Ternary Comparator Circuits   


49. Cost Reduction in Nearest Neighbour Based Synthesis of Quantum Boolean Circuits


50. Solitary Waves in a Four Component Dusty Plasma with Nonthermal electron        


National Journals


51. Framework for Synthesis of Universal Networking Language  


Conference Papers


52. Performance Comparison of Zero-Schottky-Barrier Single and Double Walled Carbon Nanotube Transistors         


53. The Effects of Doping, Gate Length, and Gate Dielectric on Inverse Subthreshold Slope and on/off Current Ratio of a Top Gate Silicon Nanowire Transistor    


54. Effects of Uniaxial Strain on the Bandstructures of Silicon Nanowires         


55. Specific Features of a Converter of Web Documents from Bengali to Universal Networking Language      


56. Morphological Analysis of Bangla Words for Universal Networking Language


57. Decision Combining in Relay Networks  


58. Optimization of k-Fold Multicast Wireless Network Using M/M/n/n+q Traffic Model


59. Performance Analysis and the Study of the behavior of MPLS Protocols


60. Evaluation of Traffic Parameters of Multidimensional Traffic of a Combined Link Using a Tabular Method


61. Direct Extraction of Interface Trap States from the Low Frequency Gate C-V Characteristics of MOS Devices with Ultrathin High-K Gate Dielectrics      


62. Effect of Gate Bias on Channel in Depletion all-around Operation of the SOI Four-Gate Transistor


63. Gate C-V Characteristics of Si MOSFETs with Uniaxial Strain along <110> Direction


64. Inversion Layer Properties of <110> Uniaxially Strained Silicon n-Channel MOSFETs


65. On MIMO Channel Shortening for Cyclic-Prefixed System


66. A Multiband Approach for Voiced/unvoiced Discrimination of Speech Signals


67. Least-Squares Optimal Variable Step-size LMS for Nonblind System Identification with Noise


68. Noise Optimized Minimum Delay Spread Equalizer Design for DMT Transceivers      


69. A Proposal for Enhancing The Security System of Short Message Service in GSM


70. Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Thermal Treatment of Granulated Porous Particles by Induction Plasma         


71. Performance Evaluation of DODE of a Voice/Data Integrated Wireless Mobile Network


72. An Application Specific Integrated Circuit for Optimization of Fixed Polarity Reed-Muller Expressions


73. Genetic Algorithm Based Synthesis of Ternary Reversible/Quantum Circuit


74. Minimization of Quaternary Galois Field Sum of Products Expression for Multi-Output Quaternary Logic Function using Quaternary Galois Field Decision Diagram


75. Reversible Realization of Quaternary Decoder, Multiplexer, and Demultiplexer Circuits


76. A Comparison of the Quantum Mechanical Corrections in Surface Potential based MOSFET Compact Models         


77. Improved VLSI Circuit Performance using Localized Power Decoupling


78. Reconfigurable Monocycle Pulse Based UWB Transmitter in 0.18μm CMOS for Intra/Inter Chip Wireless Interconnect


79. Modified Physical Configuration to Compensate Parasitic Effects in High Speed Systems