Abstract of Published Papers 2010



Faculty of Business and Economics


International Journals


1. Intra Regional Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Prospect in South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Region       


2. Evaluation of Brand Extension (Similar and Distance Product Category) with Respect to Degree of Fit and Quality of the Core Brand      


3. Diversification Economies and Efficiencies in a 'Blue-Green Revolution' Combination: A Case Study of Prawn-carp-rice Farming in the 'Gher' System in Bangladesh        


4. Effect of Dividend on Stock Price in Emerging Stock Market: A Study on the Listed Private Commercial Banks in DSE


5. The Cognitive Foundations of Partitioned Country-Of-Origin: A Casual Path Analysis


6. E-Government: Expectations Among People in Bangladesh


7. An Empirical Study on Export, Import and Economic Growth in Bhutan


Book Chapters


8. Small Business in the Informal Sector: Evidence from the Single Person Organisation in the Metropolis of Dhaka     


Conference Papers


9. Impact of Confidence on Transforming Women Entrepreneurs from Informal to Formal Sector: A Snapshot from Metropolis Dhaka

10. Can Women Owned Small Business Avail Branding Opportunity for Market Development?

11. Evaluation of Extension and Parent Brand: How Parent Brand Quality Matter for Extension Success

12. A Conceptual Model on Chronic Poverty: An Extrapolation from Dhaka to India

13. Enabling Environmental Factors of Lean Production Philosophy: A Bangladeshi Case

14. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Private Garments Manufacturing Units of Bangladesh: Study on Perception & Performance

15. Trade Liberalization Wage Inequality and Labor Market Discrimination: A Review of Theory and Evidence

16. Causality between Energy Consumption and Income in South Asian Countries

17. Causality between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: A Time Series Approach


Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


International Journals


18. Shattering the Shackles: Brecht's Plays and the Language of Political Protest in Bangladesh

19. Development Intervention and Ethnic Communities in Bangladesh and Thailand: A Critique

20. Participatory Research and Rural Development in Bangladesh: A Critical Reflection

21. Socio Demographic Differentials of Selected Non Communicable Diseases Risk Factors Among Adults in Matlab, Bangladesh: Findings From a WHOSTEPS Survey


National Journals


22. A. S. Byatt's Possession: A "Postmodern Victorian" Experience

23. Tracing Post-Colonialism: Ambivalence and Allegory in Bend in the River and Disgrace

24. The Failure of the Real and the Symbolic to Bridge the Gap between the World and Wright


Book Chapters


25. Ethnic Minorities, Indigenous knowledge, and Livelihoods: Struggle for Survival in Southeastern Bangladesh


Conference Papers


26. Subversion or Subservience? The Remains of the Empire in Nigeria: The Postcolonial elite, Linguistic Domination, and Native Missionary Moments


Faculty of Sciences and Engineering


International Journals


27. Fingerprint Detection Using Canny Filter and DWT, a New Approach

28. Decay Instability of Dust-Acoustic Wave in Magnetized Dusty Plasma

29. Quantum Effect on Modulational Instability of a Laser Radiation in a Semiconductor Plasma

30. Effects of Vortex-like (trapped) Electron Distribution on Nonlinear Dust-Acoustic Waves with Positive Dust Charge Fluctuation

31. Call Admission Control Strategy for System Throughput Maximization Using DOVE

32. Energy Intensity and Productivity in Relation to Agriculture-Bangladesh Perspective

33. A Futuristic View of Change in Energy Consumption and Related Energy Intensity in Bangladesh Using Complete Decomposition Model (CDM)

34. Electronic Properties and Orientation-Dependent Performance of InAs Nanowire Transistors

35. Performance of Zero-Schottky-Barrier and Doped Contacts Single and Double Walled Carbon Nanotube Transistors

36. Effects of Source-Drain Underlaps on the Performance of Silicon Nanowire on Insulator Transistors

37. Performance Comparison of Zero-Schottky-Barrier and Doped Contacts Carbon Nanotube Transistors with Strain Applied

38. Multiple-Case Outlier Detection in Multiple Linear Regression Model Using Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm

39. Measurement of the Diameters of Deformed Bars in Concrete Using an Electromagnetic Wave Radar (in the Presence of Cross Bars)

40. Modeling Effects of Interface Traps on the Gate C-V Characteristics of MOS Devices on Alternative High-Mobility Substrates

41. A Physically Based, Accurate Model for Quantum Mechanical Correction to the Surface Potential of Nano-Scale MOSFETs

42. Multiple-Case Outlier Detection in Least-Squares Regression Model Using Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm

43. Influence of Probability of Variation Operator on the Performance of Quantum- Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for 0/1 Knapsack Problem

44. Some Characterization of Modular and Distributive JP-Semilattices

45. Some Properties of Modular n-Ideals of a Lattice


Book Chapters


46. Galois Field Sum of Products Approach to Multiple-Valued Quantum Logic Circuit Synthesis


Conference Papers


47. Performance Evaluation of Alternate Routing Network Based on MMPP Traffic Model

48. Conversion of Bangla Sentence for Universal Networking Language

49. Algorithm for Conversion of Bangla Sentence to Universal Networking Language

50. Development of Templates for Dictionary Entries of Bangla Roots and Primary Suffixes for Universal Networking Language

51. Rules for Morphological Analysis of Bangla Verbs for Universal Networking Language

52. Development of Analysis Rules for Bangla Root and Primary Suffix for Universal Networking Language

53. Formation of Bangla Word Dictionary Compatible with UNL Structure

54. Design of a Linearly Increasing Inrush Current Limit Circuit for DC-DC Boost Regulators

55. Implementation of Highly Accurate NMOS Vt Based Clamping Technique in Low Current Comparator

56. Design and Implementation of Ultra Low Bias Current High Efficiency PFM Mode DC-DC Boost Regulator

57. A Theoretical Model of GSM Network Based Vehicle Tracking System

58. A Physically Based Compact Model for Eigenenergy in In rich In

59. Effects of Carrier Gas Flow-Rate and Oxygen Admixture Ratio on Particle Parameters in Ar-O2 Plasma

60. An Advanced Ship Guidance System Using Grid Mapping Technique

61. Effect of Gate Voltage on the Performance of a Novel InmGa1-mN/InN HEMT: A Quantum Mechanical Self Consistent Study

62. Performance Comparison of Bow-Tie and Slot Antenna Based on RWG Edge Elements

63. The Impact of Frequency on Radiation Pattern of Bowtie and Spiral Antenna Based on RWG Elements

64. Performance Evaluation of Multidimensional Traffic in Micro-Macro Cellular System

65. GFSOP Based Ternary Quantum Logic Synthesis

66. Detection Ability of Parametric Faults in Analog Circuits Using CBT Concept and its Test Limitations

67. A Double Gate MOS Structure for Solar Photovoltaic Application

68. Ballistic Current in In Rich In GaAs Surface Channel MOSFETs