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The primary objective of the center is to create knowledge through academic and applied research and disseminate acquired knowledge through training and publication. Center for Research and Training (CRT) operates through a Research Committee comprising of representatives from the Board, Deans and Chairs of the Academic Department.  The current Chairperson of the Center is Dr. Rafiqul Huda Chaudhury, Executive Director is Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque and Deputy Executive Director is Dr. Farhana Ferdousi.
Center for Research and Training (CRT) publishes the EWU Journal, a bi-annual publication of multi-disciplinary research papers following a rigorous process of strict reviews. Center for Research and Training (CRT) also publishes Working Papers, Occasional Papers and Annual Research Abstracts to publicize and record the academic contributions made by the faculty members of EWU.

Center for Research and Training (CRT), EWU

In addition, Center for Research and Training (CRT) works with government and private institutions at national and international levels to facilitate academic exchanges.

Chairperson (CRT)

Dr. Rafiqul Huda Chaudhury
Honorary Professor
Coordinator and Adviser
Graduate Program in Population, Reproductive Health
Gender & Development

Executive Director (CRT)

Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque
Professor of Dept. of English

Deputy Executive Director (CRT)

Dr. Farhana Ferdousi
Associate Professor, Department of BA