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Students' Welfare Department

Students' Welfare Department is a rendezvous spot for students of East West University so that they can participate in various aspects of academic life. The primary objective of the Students' Welfare Department is to emphasize the wholeness of the university experience through synchronized development of body, mind and spirit. It emphasizes enhancing student experience through 'out of classroom learning' and through extra-curricular programs. Under this organization we have 18 clubs which are supervised by moderators who themselves are faculty members of East West University. The clubs give opportunities to students to discover their hidden potential. Here students are able to develop their interpersonal skills by working in groups; they are also able to develop their organizational and leadership skills. Through our clubs we are fulfilling our responsibilities and thereby enhancing the image of the university.

Agro Industrialization Club

East West University Business Club

Creative Marketing Club

Club For Performing Arts

East West University Debating Club

Economics Club

EWU Electronics Programming and Robotics Club

English Conversation Club

Environmental & Social Club

Investment & Finance Club

IEEE Student Branch

Model United Nations Club

Photography Club

Rotaract Club

Science Club

EWU Sociology Club

Sports Club

Telecommunication Club

Major activities of these clubs include:

  • incorporating various cultural programs, like drama, celebration of national and international events such as Pohela Boishakh, International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day
  • Arranging debate competitions
  • Competition in Art, Music, Photography
  • Hosting Tournaments for Cricket, Football and Indoor Games
  • Associates with various community volunteer works, such as, Voluntary Blood Donation Campaigns
  • Organize numerous seminar and workshops such as, Grooming session, Training session, symposia on formal writing and etiquette, workshops on interview techniques, and corporate networking
  • Organize Club Fairs
  • Arrange Study Tours
  • Conduct Research, Computer Programming, Business Plan

The Student Welfare Office emphasizes the wholeness of university experience through synchronized development of body, mind and spirit.

Career Counseling Center (CCC)

The Career Counseling Center exists to aid and support students in reaching their full potential, which includes growth and development in social and intellectual areas. The center liaises with prospective employers and arranges internships and jobs for students and graduates. As a forerunner among private universities in Bangladesh, the Center endeavors not only to ensure excellence in education but also to help students find suitable careers. CCC is a guide and mentor for students in helping them to develop their aims and building their confidence by arranging and organizing different on-campus job fairs, workshops, seminars, corporate presentations, internship placements and symposia on a regular basis where students get to learn about formal writing, etiquette and grooming, successful interview techniques, corporate networking and how to succeed in the work place.

CCC is the meeting point for both career-seeking individuals and leading employers of the country and thus keeps the spirit of East West University high.