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Cancer Awareness Seminar Held at East West University

May 21, 2024

On May 16, 2024, the Biotech Club of East West University organized a significant event titled "Cancer Awareness: Building a Bridge between Academia and Clinical Sector”. The event, attended by over 140 participants, commenced at 11:00 AM at East West University, focusing on fostering collaboration between academic research and clinical practice to enhance cancer awareness and care in Bangladesh. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Shams Rahman, was the chief guest of the event. Faculty members from the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (GEB) department, Pharmacy department, and Public Health and Population Sciences (PPHS) department were also present during the event.

The program began with opening remarks from Dr. Suraia Nusrin, the Chairperson of the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology department as she welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between academia and the clinical sector in combating cancer.

Following the opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Shams Rahman, the Vice Chancellor of East West University, delivered an insightful speech. He highlighted the dangers of cancer, sharing his personal connection to the disease through his family's experience. He stressed the critical role of cancer awareness programs in educating the public and fostering early detection and prevention strategies.

The main program featured two prominent speakers who provided valuable insights into various aspects of cancer awareness and treatment.

Prof. Dr. Zafor Md. Masud, Professor and Head of the Oncology Department at Bangladesh Medical College, discussed the current situation of breast cancer in Bangladesh. He detailed the symptoms and signs of breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of early detection and awareness. Dr. Masud also highlighted the often-overlooked issue of male breast cancer and advised the audience on lifestyle changes to reduce cancer risk. And another keynote speaker, Dr. Mustak Ibn Ayub, a Molecular Oncologist and Associate Professor at the University of Dhaka, and Founder and President of the Cancer Care and Research Trust Bangladesh, delivered an enlightening speech on young-onset cancer in Bangladesh. He described the alarming rise in cancer cases among younger populations and introduced advanced biotechnological treatments such as CRISPR, synthetic biology, and gene therapy. Dr. Ayub emphasized the potential of these innovative treatments in transforming cancer care in Bangladesh and the necessity of integrating them into the clinical sector.

The program concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where the audience had the opportunity to interact with the speakers, gaining further insights and clarifications on cancer-related topics. The event ended with a note of gratitude extended to the speakers for their invaluable contributions and with a collective call to action, encouraging everyone to contribute to the fight against cancer and to work towards improving cancer care in Bangladesh.