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“Robotics Exhibition 2021” organized by EWU Robotics Club

On this Victory Day of 16th December, East West University Robotics Club attended the “EWURobotics Exhibition and Project Showcase 2021”. The event received a widespread response. People, including various faculties, poured into the booth to look at the innovative projects that the club had to offer. At 6:34 AM, honorable faculty members hoisted the national flag in memory of the martyrs. The project showcase program started around 9:00 AM and continued till 1:30 PM, during which EWURC displayed three unique projects. The first project was an IoT-enabled crop monitoring system that used hobby electronics to ensure perfect conditions for plant growth. Secondly, there was an intelligent dustbin project. This project displayed how dustbins could be made to open and close automatically based on the position of their users, therefore, needing no touch with the dustbin exterior. The final project was called O-ZONE, which demonstrated a device that could collect harmful gases from car exhausts and recycle them into valuable products. Finally, the program was joyous, and it motivated the attendants to think creatively and let their dreams run wild and reach new heights.